West Monroe, LA – 204 Thomas Rd #21

Newly converted digital billboard.

This double-sided, double-faced digital billboard is conveniently located by a traffic light on I-20 alongside Wal-Mart Shopping Center and other major West Monroe establishments. This structure targets both northbound and southbound traffic on Thomas Road.
Surrounding businesses include: Popeye’s, Five Guys, Taco Bell, Waffle House, and the Wal-Mart Shopping Center.


  • Address: 204 Thomas Road 
  • Area: West Monroe LA 
  • Type: LED Digital  
  • Company: Busby Companies 
  • View Direction: Northbound / Southbound Digital  
  • Daily Traffic Count: 28095 
  • Billboard Size: 10' 6" H x 36' W Double Stack Structure 
  • Daily Effective Circulation (DEC): 38772 
  • Latitude: 32.50998 
  • Longitude: -92.15769999999998 
  • Face ID: D379NBRT/D380NBRB/D381SBRT/D382SBRB 
  • Seconds per Spot:
  • Availability: Call for availability and rate 
  • Illumination: Yes