Jackson, MS- Jackson Veterans Memorial Stadium

Rear Video Board.  Customers will have the ability to promote multiple ad campaigns during the annual contract. Production fees may apply.

• Approximate Size: 25’ft H x 65’ft W

• Illumination Dusk to Dawn

• Billboard Vinyl is 1,625 sq. ft at $1.50 per sq ft.

• Installation fees apply (setup and takedown)

Discounts available with long term agreements. Call our office for a custom quote.


32.328973, -90.178976

  • Area: Jackson, MS 
  • Type: Vinyl Static Boards 
  • Company: Capturion Network, LLC/ JSU 
  • View Direction: Westbound Reader 
  • Billboard Size: 25’ft H x 65’ft W 
  • Latitude: 32.328973 
  • Longitude: -90.178976 
  • Face ID: CNS227WBR 
  • Radius: 472-474 South Stadium Circle, Jackson, MS 39216, USA 
  • 4-Week Rate: $2500, vinyl and installation included. Discounts are available with long term agreements. 
  • Availability: yes 
  • Illumination: Back side of Main Jumbotron videoboard