Ellisville, MS – I-59 Exit 85 (State School)

Thousands of people drive by our billboard along I-59 near Exit 85 every day. So, whether your business is in Ellisville, Laurel, or Hattiesburg, this is the perfect spot for visibility!

This is a full color digital LED billboard with ads rotating every 8 seconds.  It is a very affordable, high traffic area visible from the top of the hill heading into Laurel and has a LONG read time. We once clocked a 48-second read time at 80 mph. Couple that with a daily traffic count of 28,000 and you have a prized location!

Benefits of advertising at this location:

  • Can have multiple ads running in rotation, as many as three ads per month
  • Keep your ads fresh, easily changing them; trying different marketing messages until you get results
  • No installation or vinyl charges. Your money goes straight to the advertising
  • No competition with any other advertisement for the driver’s attention
  • Visible night and day


Note: Nearby businesses include Ellisville State School, Jones County Junior College, Howard Technology Park, and the GE Aviation plant.

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  • Address: 72 Technology Blvd 
  • Area: Ellisville, MS 
  • Type: LED Digital Billboard 
  • Company: Capturion Network, LLC 
  • View Direction: Northbound 
  • Daily Traffic Count: 32,000 
  • Billboard Size: 14'H x 48'W 
  • Daily Effective Circulation (DEC): 44,160 
  • Latitude: 31.580846 
  • Longitude: -89.241622 
  • Face ID: CNL105NBR / CNS106SBR (VINYL) 
  • Radius: Interstate 59, Ellisville, MS 39437, USA 
  • Seconds per Spot:
  • 4-Week Rate: $500 Ad every other min / $1,000 Ad every min 
  • Availability: Yes 
  • Illumination: Yes 
  • Weekly Impressions: Per Silver Spot – 26,782 - Per Gold Spot - 53,564