The New Way to Billboard

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Laurel, Mississippi


With bright, eye-catching graphics, Digital Billboards grab the attention of your future customer. One way that Digital advertising has changed the old ways of advertising is its ability to quickly change ads. In an instant, ads can be changed or updated to display sales, promotions or even upcoming events. According to Arbitron Out-Of-Home Advertising Report,  “29% of viewers have been motivated to visit a store within a week after seeing a sale or special.” Due to the ability to easily change or update ads, Digital Advertising has established itself as the most versatile way to advertise. A study conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway found that, “During visible time, drivers tend to gaze at digital signs 63 percent of the time vs the 37 percent for standard billboards on urban roads.”

Are Standard Billboards a thing of the past?