Stadium Advertising

JSU billboard with crowd

In addition to billboard advertising, Busby Companies offers stadium advertising at four school campuses in Mississippi – Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi College in Clinton, Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg, and Northwest Rankin High School in Flowood.


JSU Veterans Memorial Stadium

There are four ways to advertise inside the JSU stadium: the video score board, ribbon boards, A-frame signage, and the rear vinyl billboard. The video score board, itself, features multiple options for advertising — 30-second commercials, instant replays, fan cams, and lower left logo rotation. Click here for our JSU media kit!


MC Robinson-Hale Stadium

At Mississippi College, there are two places to advertise inside the stadium: the video score board and A-frame signage. Customers can advertise in various ways on the score board – with 30-second commercials, post-play ads, fan cams and lower left logo rotation. Click here for our MC media kit!

Oak Grove

Oak Grove Warriors Stadium

Customers have the option to advertise in a variety of ways at Oak Grove High School’s football stadium and volleyball field. These include a main still logo spot, 30-second commercial, lower left logo rotation, A-Frame signage, and Play Clocks. Click here for our OG media kit!

Northwest Rankin 

Northwest Rankin Cougar Stadium

There are multiple options for advertising on the football and softball score boards at Northwest Rankin High School. Customers can choose from 30-second commercials, post-play ad spots, half-time ad spots, and logo rotations. Click here for our Rankin football media kit OR the Rankin Softball media kit!

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